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Our Story

From Dream to Reality

The Mindful Lotus is a store for Conscience Living, a Boutique for the Spirit. We are a God Centered place of Light. A place of Love and Learning for the Mind, Body and Spirit. A place of Healing, we specialize in Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing. You will find great items, whether its for your own well being or a gift. We carry a wide selection of Essential Oils, bath items, crystals, books, CD's, clothing, candles, incense, Angel Cards, and vintage furniture.


We also offer services such as Reiki Sessions, Ion Foot Detox, Ear Coning/Candling.


The Mindful Lotus will also offer classes to aid in your Well Being and Spiritual Growth.


The Mindful Lotus is family-owned and operated right here in Lake Elsinore, CA. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.

Holding space for someone means to facilitate and safe environment without judgement. To donate your time, attention, and heart without expecting anything in return. To practice empathy and compassion to accept someone's truth no matter what it is. To allow and accept, to embrace with open arms and a open heart. Not to point the finger or cast out expectations. Holding Space means to put your own needs, wants, expectations, and opinions aside. To stay neutral and let someone be simple- themselves.

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