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Ion Foot Detox

Ionic Detox Foot Baths Help Rid        

     Your Body of Negative Ions


Caring for your feet is just as important as caring for any other part of your body. Some people might argue that it is even more so important to care for your feet since they do the brunt of the work daily by carrying your entire body around. Every once in a while it is ideal to have a relaxing foot bath that pampers your feet. Why not make your foot bath one that offers you health benefits as well, though?

An ionic detox foot bath helps rid your body of negative ions that could potentially harm it and weigh it down. Detoxing is simply the process of getting the toxins and wastes out of your body, and there are a variety of ways that you can detox. Some people use saunas to induce sweat and detox, and others drink certain types of teas and other drinks to help themselves shed toxins. An ionic detox foot bath allows you to shed toxins from your body via the pores in your feet.

The way that an ionic detox foot bath works is by targeting the ions in the water and then splitting them into H+ and OH- ions. The ions are then able to enter your body through the 40,000 pores on your feet. This offers you a completely natural way to cleanse and revitalize your body. Once the ions are absorbed into your body, then your circulatory and lymphatic systems transport them throughout your body where they neutralize oppositely charge toxins that are usually slow to exit the body. By doing this, they speed up the release of toxins from the body and stimulate all the organs in the body to operate more efficiently than they do on their own. After the ions have optimized the body for optimum function, then the toxins are released from your body through the natural processes of sweating, urination and defecation.

No matter what your age or sex, ionic foot baths can help rejuvenate your body and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Investing in an ionic foot bath can not only give you the relaxation that your feet desire from time to time, but it can also offer you health benefits.



The Ion Foot Detox is not a cure or treatment for illness or injury.  It is a system to help stimulate your body’s ability to release toxins and re-balance itself

NEVER use on pregnant women or anyone with a pace maker.

Ages 5-7 should only use for 10-15 minutes

Ages 8-12 can use up to 20-25 minutes

Adults are recommended to use for 30 minutes but can use up to 45 minutes if desired

It is recommended to do the Ion Foot Detox two to three times a week for two to three weeks or until desired results.  After desired results are achieved, a 20 minute soak once a week is a great way to keep up on detoxification of the body. Always consult with your physician 

IonizeMe Maxx Dual and Maxx Go        Gain FCC Compliance

       After the IonizeMe Maxx ionic foot detox machine gained FCC compliance, we wanted to offer the same safety focus on our IonizeMe Maxx Dual and Maxx Go machines.


Image 10-12-20 at 6.16 PM.jpg

We are proud to announce that the IonizeMe Maxx Dual and Maxx Go, both of which include GFCI power supplies, have passed the FCC conductive emission and radiated emission tests!

This means that IonizeMe Dual and IonizeMe Maxx Go are now fully compliant with Part 15 of the FCC rules, which states that operation of the device is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference

  2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

We will continue to focus on making continue our efforts to offer the best ionic foot detox machines on the market!

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