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Ear Candling


Ear candling has been lost to modern civilization. The Egyptians, Mayans, and Tibetans used it with profound results. They believed it helped in spiritual opening, emotional clearing and realignment of subtle energy flows. It's great to alleviate and help heal congestion and colds.sinus problems, sore throat, ear ache, swimmer’s ear, headaches, allergies, hearing difficulty, excessive ear wax.

Other benefits include:

-sharpening of mental functions
-better hearing
-detoxification of the sinus and lymph system

Disclaimer:​ Ear candles are not a medical device and are no substitution for professional medical care. ... Not recommended for individuals with perforated ear drums, ear tubes, or other ear conditions. 

Always consult with your physician.

Ear candling is by appointment only. Contact                   Angie at (951) 245-8785

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