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Reiki. Scholarship Program

Our Mission at The Mindful Lotus is to promote Healing and Well Being. Reiki is a powerful and vibrant energy. It can bring wellness to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. To further our endeavors  in Healing, The Mindful Lotus is offering a Full Reiki Scholarship (12 Month Internship) .

To Apply:

Please send in your intention to, along with your answers to the below before December 1st. Internship begins in Fall 2023. 

If you have not been able to attend classes due to finances, you can possibly still qualify for the Scholarship.

Thank you!


1.) Commitment

2.)Clarity of thought

3.)Completeness of application

4.)Volunteer/Attend Reiki Circles

5.)Goals for future Holistic Work

Online Application Process

Please copy and paste the following questions and your answers into the body of an email. (No attachments will be opened, thank you.)


1.) Full Name

2.) Email

3.)Home Address

4.)Phone Number 

5.)Highest Level of Education

6.)Please list all career training, college, degree(s).

7.)Purpose of applying

8.) Explain the financial need and why you are a good candidate to receive scholarship.

9.) What skills do you already possess that you will bring into our community?

10.)How will this scholarship help you reach your goals?

11.) Why are you interested in Reiki?

!2.) In a short, descriptive paragraph, explain a transformative moment in your own healing journey.

13.) In a brief paragraph, explain your vision for how you see yourself serving the world in 10 years with the knowledge and experience you gain from your Reiki Scholarship.

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